Freesat installation

With the digital switchover already in place are you ready to join the digital TV extravaganza?

Contrary to common belief, you won’t need to throw out your old TV and Local Aerials and Satellites 4 U can make the switch as easy as turning on the TV.





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So what is Freesat?

Freesat is a relatively new addition to digital television revolution.

With about 140 channels to its name it offers great variety as well as SD and HD options.

Many customers choose Freesat for its recordable satellite systems. Watch TV at your convenience.

Freesat Installation

By installing Freesat you open yourself up to greater network coverage for the UK. It is estimated that upwards of 98% of UK households are able to receive the digital signal and the digital Freesat receiver is sure to meet your desired requirements.

TV and DAB aerials

We can supply and fit everything that you need to enjoy home TV and radio .

Freesat comes with no contract or monthly bills and is a free digital service provided by the BBC and ITV via satellite.

Freesat repair

As Freesat is relatively new to the dish fitters and aerial installers, other companies have struggled to adjust to the new devices.

Be safe in the knowledge that Local Aerials and Satellites 4 U remains cutting edge and are just one call away for efficient Freesat repairs.

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